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Remote Viewing is the process of transcending time and space to view people, places or events remote in time and space and to report back accurately on the information discovered.  In the USA this procedure was developed by the Department of Defense as the Stargate Psychic Spy Unit (1977-1988) and was later transferred to the DIA under the banner of Sunstreak.  Remote Viewing was used to gather intelligence data in a safe and inexpensive manner and was at this time already being used actively in other countries.  It was a technique that proved to be uncannily accurate.  Remote viewing in this sense is not intended to be a stand-alone endeavor.  The data from several (10+) viewers is pooled together and the similarities produced are what provides useable intelligence data. 
As a personal tool, remote viewing and the ability to enter the matrix enhances life in ways that cannot adequately be described in words.  It enhances the ability to disern truth and to trust in yourself.  Within the matrix, or the collective unconscious is the answer to everything we could ever want to know about the present, past or future.  It is there for anyone who is willing enough to train their mind to access and translate it.  Use it as a tool to evaluate your life, where it has been and where you are going; to experience that connection to the oneness that exists in the matrix.

I have included a link on the "Links" page to Dr. David Morehouse.  If you are interested in learning Remote Viewing he is the perfect choice.
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