Comments from Clients/Media

Beep, Beep,
This is the first time I was hypnotized and I had a fantastic time.  This is the greatest party I have ever organized and I am so glad I found you.  You are Kari are the best people I met and I wish you two the best and I sure hope I can make it to your next shows (I will for sure participate).  This is not the last time you will hear from us.  You guys rock, thanks a lot once again.
                           Nina Subbert
                           Reception, Nunasi Corp.
                           Yellowknife, NWT

This was by far the best Christmas Party we have ever had, we have had some incredible entertainment but this topped it!  You were awesome.
Also by email later:  I have to tell you, you and Kari gave an incredible show and we all had a really great time and it was nice to see that our Chairman enjoyed it so much that he now wants to have you come back next year, I've got to admit that it will be extremely hard to tope the performance you gave, you are both incredible performers and you should be proud of yourselves.  Best of luck to the both of you and keep in touch!  And show all those people what incredible entertainers you can be!  We sure LOVED you!
                           Malaya Rheaume, Execurive Assistant
                           Nunasi Corp.  Yellowknife, MWT

It was an amazing experience!  I would never have believed it could happen.  [he was a star in the show].
                           Fred Hunt, President & CEO
                           Nunasi Corp.  Yellowknife, NWT

Funniest thing I've seen in a very long time!  I'm really glad we had this show!  I highly recommend Marilyn for your next fundraiser!
                           Myra Sanders
                           Calgary Extreme Cheerleaders

I saw Marilyn’s show in Fort St. John, as I am a member of the Oilwives club here.  I have to say that up until then I truly believed that hypnosis shows were filled with the hypnotists’ friends in the audience or paid actors. 
Your show blew me away.  Having know all the lady’s in the show that night, I can say without a doubt that none of them would have acted the way the did on stage under normal circumstances regardless of how much they were paid!
You converted my beliefs.
                           Noreen Smith
                           Ft. St. John, BC

Better than Raveen!            
                           Melanie Auger
                           Ft. St. John, BC

This was mty first experience with hypnosis and it's hard to beleive what a great job Marilyn did.  I would recommend her any time.
                           Albert Himmelspeck
I saw Raveen 3 or 4 times and thought he was great, but Marilyn put the people under in less time and with background noise which Raveen could not seem to do.  She was great and I enjoyed her show.
                           Darlene Henrickson

                           Curtis Pedersen

HYSTERICAL!  Skeptical at first.  I laughed my butt off the whole time!
                           Anne Wildcat
                           Ermineskin Christmas Party

Our Hotel had the pleasure of having Marilyn in our hotel.  It was not only fun, but the guests had a wonderful time.  I would recommend this to anyone.  You will come out with so much joy and fun, this is a must see!
                           Maysam Javaheri
                           Edmonton Marriott

Calgary Inc. Magazine- July August 2006 Issue
Imagine watching your bosses and colleagues on stage riding a stick horse, singing like cats, being Dolly Parton or Elvis Presley, running after barnyard amimals or boogying to music by the Village People.  These are some of the entertainment when a company hires a hypnotist for a staff party.  "Someone can be a mouse in the office" says hypnotist Marilyn Olsen of Trance Tricks, "but unleash the extrovert inside and they really come alive."  For a cost of $1000 to 4000, Calgary companies are increasinly hiring hypnotists for some hilarious, clean fun for an hour or two at staff events.  Basically about 10 to 12 staff volunteer to be inducted in a hypnotic trance.  Usually sitting in chairs on a stage, once the volunteers are in a rested and relaxed state, the hypnotist tells them to perform zany deeds.

Jamie and I were just in Las Vegas and went to a hypnosis show at one of the big hotels.  The show was ok, but they told us the second show was SO much better so we went back for the second show.  I have to tell you that neither of those shows could compare to the show you did for the Standard Grad Fundraiser.  Your show was so much better and funnier than either of the ones we saw in Las Vegas.
                               Robyn Zakariasen,
                               Standard, Alberta

"I have never EVER laughed so hard for so long at anything before in my whole life.  It was hilarious, hysterical, amazing, incredible.  It was fun and fascinating wondering how this works and why people can be convinced to wrestle stuffed alligators, roar around on hobby horses and sing & dance so uninhibitedly.  It was great seeing the props, the hats & silly glasses.  Marilyn truly has a gift for hilarity and comedy.  A very fun evening.  FIVE STARS!"                                                  
                                                                        Janet Griffin-Scott
                                                                        Port Hope, ON

"I have never laughed so hard in all my life.  Great show, Marilyn.  Next time I will go up!!  Thanks for the laughs."                                            
                                                                        Tasha Borth
                                                                         Weyburn, SK

"Thank you Marilyn for your ability to bring adults to play….good clean fun!"
                                                                        Paul S. Smith
                                                                        Qualicum Beach, BC

"Wonderful, family orientated show for our family fun night.  I highly recommend Marilyn Olsen for any function.  Very entertaining."
                                       Shari Cleasby, Director Weyburn Red Wings, Weyburn, SK

"Marilyn, your show was very entertaining, and I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend you to anyone, it was very clean yet very funny.  It took two weeks for my sides to stop hurting, I thought I was on some exercise program.  People in Southern Alberta are looking entertainment and I have photocopied your business card for them.  I tell them it is well worth the money, for it is a show you will cherish for the rest of your life, it's not like a movie or a trick show in which you will forget about in weeks to come.  It is the best Hypnosis show I have seen, the others tend to make me sleepy because they are either boring or plain just stupid, not like yours…it is real life.  Tell Kari she did a wonderful job on lights and sound too.  YOU ARE BOTH TERRRRIFFFFICCC!!!!"
                                                                        Brenda Babb
                                                                        Lethbridge, Alberta

"Just a word to let you know how much we enjoyed your entertainment at the Livelong Summer 'Spiel Banquet on Thursday night.  It was awesome!  I just wish I'd been hypnotized.  Keep up the good work.  I will definitely recommend anyone to go see you if they get a chance."
                                                                        Jerry and Sandy Gordon
                                                                        Turtleford, SK

"Your show was fabulous, you did an awesome job.  My sides are still sore and it has been a week.  Can't wait to see you in action again."
                                                                        Marie Faye
                                                                        Hussar, Alberta

Edson Weekly Anchor- July 11, 2005 issue:   One of the highlights of the day was undoubtedly the evening hypnosis show led by Master Hypnotist Marilyn Olsen.  From having volunteer participants wrestling with a crocodile to performing like Shania Twain, this show provided some great entertainment and even better laughs for the hundreds of people who came out to watch.

"Very enjoyable show- good clean humor for a mixed crowd.  Well worth it.  Thank you.
                       Stuart McMahon, President, Galahad Ag. Society

The show was excellent.  The crowds just loved it.  I never laughed so much at a hypnotist, and the participants were great.  I would recommend you to take a group of friends to attend and participate."
                       Sandra Jackson
                       Goodfish Lake, AB

Very clean, family fun!  Great Show!  We'd definately love to have Marilyn back again!  Thanks!
                       Shawna MacDugall
                       Weyburn, SK

Great to see and find out it could help me quit smoking.
                       Donna Herron
                       Westlock, AB

It was a lot of fun and would lover to see it again.  
                               Chris Humphrey, Westlock, AB

Awesome job!  Very impressive.  If you ever need a hand, just call.
                       Erica Levy
                       Westlock, AB

Great Show.  Everyone enjoyed.  Please come back next year.
                       Westlock, AB

It was mind lifting.  Everything was done in good taste.  It is amazing to watch people just let go.  Great laugh!
                       Jo-Anne Hussul

It was the best show I have ever watched in my life.  People who have never seen your show have to see it.
                       Jessica Daigneault
                       Buffalo Narrows

Loved the show!  Very exciting and entertaining.  I met Marilyn and she is a great woman.  I would love to have her back to the north west side of Saskatchewan to keep our kids entertained.
                       Rae-Lyn Laliberte
                       South Bay, SK 

Great Show!  Excellent job.  Would love to see again.  Thanks for the laughs.
                       Ryan Bratman & Tiffany Toro
                       Regina, SK

Great show, would definately see again.     
                       Steve Patrick
                       Regina, SK

Excellent Show.  2 hrs. of good, non stop entertainment.  Great crowd appeal.  I would recommend without reservation.
                       Dwight Miller
                       Vermilion Rotary Club.

I really enjoyed the show.  Not ever being to a hypnotist before, would be scared to volunteer.  After seeing Marilyn's show
I would definately volunteer for her shows.  Thank you.
                       Darcy Frost
                       Grande Prairie, Dec. 1/06

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