Dr. Marilyn Olsen was born and raised in Southern Alberta on a grain farm east of Calgary, Alberta.  She grew up doing what most farm kids do, helping on the farm; learning to drive at a single digit age, riding horses and competing in rodeos.  After living in Calgary for several years, marriage took Marilyn to live in Billings, Montana, returning to Alberta in 1991 to care for her ailing Mother.  They currently live in Hussar, Alberta a rural village of 150 people.  She is the only Hypnotist in town….
Life experiences from being a power line designer to a florist and associated education have molded Marilyn into quite the business woman.  She owns a vehicle graphics and sign business; and a wholesale western accessory company.   Her Hypnotherapy Practice is thriving as well as being in demand as a Stage Hypnotist.   She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Master Remote Viewer.

Marilyn also volunteers her time in many areas; however being an Emergency Medical First Responder is very dear to her heart and is the reason she is a Hypnotist today.  It was at the EMS Christmas Party (a hypnosis show) that Marilyn met her friend and mentor, Attila.  Attila was drawn to Marilyn and explained in length, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and where to go to school.  Believing that there is no such thing as a coincidence; that Attila spent so much time talking to her, she enrolled into the introductory course and the rest is history.  In 2005, Marilyn and Kari (Marilyn's primary Sound Technician) were awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Hypnosis.

Marilyn has a warped sense of humor and her stage shows while being 100% safe, ethical and clean are hilariously funny and fast paced.  From guarding stuffed gophers to wrestling a crocodile- you never know what will happen next.  If at all possible Marilyn tries to present stunts pertinent to the group.  It is not a bad thing to see your guests wiping the tears of laughter from their eyes with the table cloth.  Laughter is a good elixir for all of us and Marilyn's show Trance Tricks is a good way to get an overdose.  Traveling with a full sound and lighting system you can rest assured that you are going to have a professional entertainment package sure to leave your guests with plenty of blackmail material and pleasant memories. 

DJ Services are also available for before and or after the show.

Marilyn never meets a stranger so give her a call; she is very open to questions and loves to visit.  References are available upon request.  It is a good idea to book early; so you won't be disappointed that someone beat you to your date.  We'd love to do your show.

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